A New Culture of Builders

In a complex environment of bureaucracy and difficult mountain design, JSM has established itself as a leading resource and partner in assembling the right teams for planning and entitlements for large, multi-use, planned unit developments. A comprehensive understanding and broad experience with city ordinances, zonings and future land plans is essential to an efficient, cost effective design process and is even more crucial in achieving the densities and uses that a development group requires for project economics. JSM has been an integrated part in many of the new ordinances and master plans coming to fruition and continues to play an influential role as they evolve and adapt to the community’s needs. Our scope includes such tasks as:

Sub-Contracted Services

  • Manage direction and progress of architectural and engineering teams

  • Manage direction, progress and use of legal team

  • Manage contracts and agreements with subcontracted services

  • Coordinate and facilitate all third party studies

  • Governmental Interface

  • Manage correspondence and review of Technical Advisory Committee

  • Coordinate and prepare for Planning Commission meetings

  • Coordinate and prepare for City Council meetings

  • Interface with all governing agencies

  • Coordinate and facilitate all city application submittals

Public Interface

  • Interface with surrounding property owners

  • Organize and manage public hearings

Concession Management

  • Provide guidance and options in regards to public benefit

  • Develop community housing plan


  • Provide monthly expense reports of specific scope

  • Monitor and manage expenses within specific scope

  • Assemble invoices within specific scope for draw submittal


  • Monitor and manage the master schedule including updates