At JSM we love building homes! And we believe that building your home is building your future. Such a large portion of our lives is spent in our homes. Whether it’s eating, sleeping, raising kids, vacationing or retiring, our homes should be designed and built with our futures in mind.

So much emotion, excitement, and thought goes into the decision to build a house. However, at times, the process can be overwhelming and confusing. The numerous phases and complexities along with all the different people it takes to get a house built can be a scary endeavor to try and tackle.

At JSM we love the process, from start to finish. Everything from finding a lot that suits your needs, designing the floor plan and elevations, value engineering your home to save you money, and finishing every little detail to the very end, we love it all!

Utilizing our building experience as you design your home can save you thousands of dollars and help you spend your money where you’ll actually see and experience it instead of behind the walls and in the floors. All of our projects are done in an “open book” format where the owner has access to all the costs and invoices associated with their home.